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McTimoney Therapy for Cats

It’s not just dogs and horses that can need some help with physical therapy. Most cats owners don’t think about having their cat treated when it looks stiff or sore.  Cats can get into all kinds of mischief, especially when they have free access to the outdoors. Jumping over fences, scaling walls, being chased or fighting with other cats can all cause misalignments which leads to tight muscles and eventually discomfort.  Repeated jumping or falls or slips from high place can lead to the cat compensating for a pulled muscle.

Limping or favouring one leg can cause muscle injuries elsewhere in the body.  McTimoney treatment can help compensatory injuries from developing, allowing your cat to live a long and active life.  I have three cats of and am experienced in handling them, I realise that cats are unused to being handled by strangers and work to help the animal feel relaxed during the treatment.  Continue to read about the case study of Pickle.

Pickle: Case Study. Pickle had been lame for a couple of weeks after a fall, the vet suggested to keep her quiet until the lameness had gone.  After this time Pickle still walked “unusually” and had started to canter everywhere with an unusual gait, she was brought to me for treatment.

Pickle was a bit unsure at first but allowed me to make the first few

adjustments, after that she relaxed enough for me to stand her square and was treated without any restraint.

After the treatment Pickle was back to her old self, chasing anything that moved, galloping at speed everywhere and seemed much more comfortable, even sleeping soundly where before she had woken often and moved around a lot.

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