I offer equine physical therapy, rehabilitation, saddle checks and nutritional therapy to help your horse thrive.

It’s never fun if all the hard work of owning a horse is over shadowed by a feeling that something isn’t quite right.  You may be getting conflicting advice from other owners on the yard, but you’re not sure where to find the solutions to your problems?

You may feel stressed by your horses behaviour, or you’re not getting any further with your training and you’re not sure why.  Maybe your horse is starting to have health issues, but your vet can’t find anything wrong. You may feel like giving up altogether.

Through my extensive knowledge of what horses actually need to thrive, I can coach you through these problems, so that going to the yard is once again a stress free experience.

My unique mix of experience, qualifications and compassion can help you find the answers you need to move forwards and start enjoying your relationship with your horse again.

So whether you are having problems with reactive behaviour under saddle or your horse has been injured and you need advice to help rehabilitate them back to full health, give me call, I can help you.

My approach is gentle, calm and methodical. I have adapted my training to make the techniques I use even more gentle, that’s why owners of even the most sensitive horses call me.

After therapy, your horse will feel supple, engaged and willing once again. Lifestyle advice will help you get to the root of your horses issues for a long lasting positive outcome so you can enjoy your time with your horse.

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