More than a pampering treatment for your dog, my services offer a vital way to help prevent or reduce pain and mobility issues.

Genetic disease and aging are the top reasons people seek my services.  Any dog that has hip dyplasia, elbow displasia or are genetically predisposed to certain contitions can benefit from routine maintenace treatment.  Most of these conditions will ultimately result in arthritis, either in the affected area or in other joints that are having to take the strain.  If your dog is slowing down on walks or less enthusiatic to play, these may signs of clinical disease.

The good news is that along side treatment from your vet, my service can help your dog live his best life as he ages.  Research has shown that physical therapy along with medical intervention gives the best outcome in these cases.


Whether working, sporting or showing, our performance dogs put their bodies through a lot.  Regular maintenace treatments can help your dog physically and emotionally perform at their best, whilst my rehabilitation services can help if your dog has an injury or accident.

With more research being conducted into sports such as agility, sporting associations are beginning to adapt obstacles or remove them competiton altogether to improve safety and prevent injuries.  However, injuries do happen and having an experienced rehabilitation therapist on your team can help make return to performance easier, quicker and you will gain insight and knowledge into how to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Although many good coaches are training people and dogs in dog sports, they are often not trained in injury prevention, sports performance or sports medicine.  It is well worth having a second opinon on fitness and training techniques to make sure they are in the best interests of your dogs long term physical health and well being.  I am more than happy to discuss this at treatment appointments or over the hone with clients.

If you are looking for a comprehensive sports injury and rehabilitation specialist, give me a call on 07931 523606, i look forward to working with you.

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